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Undertaker sits in a tub of ice, gives Kevin Hart his WWE Mt. Rushmore

‘Cold as Balls’ is back, and the Dead Man has some fun with it.

Trish Stratus is hosting WWE’s Toronto house show

Booking one of Canada’s favorite wrestling daughters is definitely a way to sell tickets. Could it also lead to another match for the Hall of Famer?

This could be how WWE phases out the cruiserweight division

Joe Gacy’s ‘woke’ parody gimmick is anti-weight limits. So what happens if he wins the purple belt at WarGames? Let’s talk about that while getting you ready for the Nov. 30 NXT.

Vince McMahon is out here slapping Austin Theory around

This is Raw.

Raw recap & reactions: I’m a hustler, baby

Big E and Kevin Owens were all set to battle for giggles. Then Seth Rollins just couldn’t help but to be himself at the worst possible time.

Rumor Roundup: Triple H health, WWE/Red Notice plans & money, Young Rock, more!

The latest rumors, including the seriousness of The Game’s cardiac event & how it could impact his future, how & why WWE changed their Netflix tie-in plans, who we’ll see portrayed on the next season of Dwayne Johnson’s sitcom, and more!

Owens plays everyone, gets added to WWE title match at Day 1

Oh that wily veteran, he played ‘em all.

The Miz & Maryse return to Raw

Edge came back and barely had time to say anything before he was overshadowed by other returning stars.

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A photo


WWE title match official for Day 1 PPV

Raw results, live blog: Edge returns

Follow along with this week’s episode of "Raw," featuring the return of Edge, Balor vs. Rollins, Big E vs. Owens, and more!

Guinness recognizes Natalya & Randy Orton’s recent WWE records

The World Records people, not the Irish stout. Although the beer folks are probably proud of them, too.

WALTER is looking downright SVELTE

The gym is sacred.

It sounds like Nia Jax’s wrestling career is over

Lina Fanene says it’s ‘highly unlikely’ she’ll decide to return to the ring after her WWE release.

Paul Heyman comments on Malakai Black & Buddy Matthews’ post-WWE success

Two wrestlers he advocated for while he was the Executive Director of Raw main evented last weekend’s Wrestlecade show, and Heyman didn’t let ‘promotional boundaries’ stop him from expressing his pride & admiration.

Finn Bálor will never be a top star in WWE

It’s time for Finn Balor to put over another top star in WWE.

Rumor Roundup: AEW contracts, new deals, Edge plans, more!

The latest rumors, including talk among AEW talent about contracts, possible new deals coming for some, Edge’s next foe, and more!

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2021 American Wrestling Awards Nominees

Get in here and tell us what you think!

John Morrison says goodbye to WWE

He says a lot without saying much at all, really.

Edge is asking for help on who he should challenge next

He should probably be in the title picture sooner rather than later, but he’ll need to get started somewhere.

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We badly need another feud like this

Of course, we would have to actually have two stars like this again for that to happen. We truly were spoiled back then.

The best WWE pay-per-view matches of 2021

Looking back at the best of the best from the year that was, according to your votes.

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New women’s tag champs, but does it matter?

Plus, the latest WWE tag team weekly roundup and power rankings.

Tweets of the Week: Renee Paquette cooks a feast, Xavier Woods & Drew McIntyre facials, more!

It’s time for Sunday silliness again.

The Dragon Reborn

The Wheel of Time is giving us the most ruthless version of Bryan Danielson. That made him our top ranked wrestler. But it’s a new week, and your vote will give us a new top 10!

Storm’s reaction to getting pie faced by Flair is really something

I can’t quite follow the logic here.

Ripley thought Nikki A.S.H. being excluded from Survivor Series was ‘disrespectful’

She thought not including both of the tag team champions was silly.

Xavier Woods talks finding out about latest WWE releases while live on G4

The Nov. 18 cuts happened while Woods was appearing on a live stream, and he recently spoke to Ariel Helwani about that experience — and generally how he’s processing some of his friends losing their jobs.

Ridge Holland’s WWE debut was the stuff of nightmares

Fortunes can change in a hurry in sports entertainment. Here are three acts who are rising, and three who are falling, after a busy week in WWE.

Jeff Hardy is confident we’ll see another Hardy Boyz reunion

They’re under contract to different companies right now, but they’re on good terms, so it feels like just a matter of time until Jeff & Matt get one more run together.

The Rock, CM Punk among those sending support to Jim Ross

The legendary announcer recently revealed he’s taking time off from calling AEW shows while he undergoes radiation treatments for skin cancer.

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A look at the main roster ‘run’ of Karrion Kross, Part One

We don't have to wait too long to label this one a historically significant disasters of wrestling.