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Larry the Dog is getting his own action figure (so is CM Punk)

Zombie Sailor Toys has unveiled an exclusive CM Punk action figure that includes Punk’s best friend as a bonus.

Zombie Sailor Toys, the vintage action figure maker whose Heels and Faces toy line pays homage to WWE’s series of Hasbro figures produced in the early 1990s, has just announced the biggest addition to their offering of wrestling figs: Larry the Dog.

Oh, and his owner, too, CM Punk.

According to ZST’s website, this is a made-to-order collectible and will be available for approximately two weeks. After that, this CM Punk figure won’t be offered again. As a bonus, every order will include Punk’s trusted sidekick and best friend, Larry.

Larry the Dog and CM Punk are the latest action figures from the toy maker, Zombie Sailor Toys.

Despite previous mentions during Punk’s time in All Elite Wrestling, Larry — whose resemblance to the fictional character the Wolf Man led to him being dubbed Larry Talbot, the man behind the fur — rose to fame in the wrestling industry following his involvement in the backstage confrontation in AEW, famously known as the Brawl Out.

According to legend, as Matt & Nick Jackson burst into Punk’s locker room, they kicked in the door, accidentally hitting Larry in the face. When Punk took him to an already scheduled veterinarian appointment days later, the doctor told Punk two of the dog’s teeth were damaged and needed to be removed.

Understanding Punk’s relationship with Larry, which is well-documented, explains why he went full John Wick on his alleged backstage aggressors.

In 2021, Punk spoke to PAWS Chicago, a non-profit animal shelter organization based in Illinois, after he and his wife, April “AJ Lee” Mendez, rescued him from their shelter. Punk said that Larry came with a thick record of problems from the past and alluded to abuse by Larry’s previous owner or owners.

Of his personality, Punk believed that Larry’s mood changes based on the phases of the moon. Still, Punk said Larry was a perfect fit for his and April’s home.

“I truly believe that I’m a misfit,” said Punk. “I believe my wife’s a misfit, you know, we go through life not really ever feeling like we fit in anywhere. People telling you you don’t fit in, people throwing you out of places, people tell me you can’t do this, and I feel like Larry’s that guy, you know? And he brings me so much joy.”

Now, a piece of that joy can come home to you, thanks to Zombie Sailor Toys.

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