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‘Rocky Sucks’ chants ring out on Raw as fans make clear ‘We want Cody’

We didn’t have to wait very long into this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw to get more answers to the Cody Rhodes questions coming out of Friday Night SmackDown and his decision to hand off the Roman Reigns match to The Rock. Well, at least it seemed we would.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins opened the show in St. Louis to agree with fans — he, too, wants Cody and he wants answers.

Before they could even get into it, “Rocky sucks” chants broke out.

Michael Cole wondered aloud, “is it 1996 again?”

When it calmed down enough, Rollins went into his spiel — he’s gotta know if he’s better than he was years ago when they went at it, and he’s gotta know if he’s the best. That means fighting the best and, damn it, Cody Rhodes is the best.

So what will it be?

Before Rhodes could answer, Drew McIntyre hit the scene and made his own appeal. He took CM Punk out of the picture, and perfectly set things up so that he can challenge Rollins for the title at WrestleMania 40 and Rhodes can go do what he’s supposed to and finish the story by defeating Reigns in the main event. Why screw that up? Let this happen how it’s supposed to, he said.

“Don’t disappoint your father.”

Again, before Rhodes could respond, McIntyre was hitting Rollins with a Glasgow Kiss and Cody fought him off to end the segment, leaving the big question — and a few others — unanswered.

What didn’t go unanswered is how The Rock’s name would be treated on WWE television by the first live audience to get the chance to have their voice heard. And they were loud and clear with it.

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