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WWE NXT teases the arrival of... Mick Foley or Kazuchika Okada, we guess?

Those seem to be the internet’s top suspects for a mysterious ‘Three Faces’ video that played during Vengeance Day...

During an eventful Vengeance Day premium live event last night (Feb. 4) in Tennessee, NXT aired the following vignette. These kind of teasers usually herald the debut of new talent or character, and the sound of approaching footsteps that plays behind the words on the screen reinforces that idea in this one.

The words displayed in the video...

Man has three faces.
One the world sees.
One his family sees.
And the real one no one sees, but reflects the evil he truly possesses

... have people throwing around two names WWE could possibly be teasing.

Perhaps somewhat inspired by his recent “one last deathmatch” talk, Mick Foley has been brought up. This seems highly unlikely, unless Mrs. Foley’s baby 58 year old boy is coming back as an authority figure or manager. But Mick did famously have three faces, so the first line was also going to prompt guesses/jokes about the Hall of Famer who gave us Cactus Jack, Dude Love & Mankind.

The full quote is, at least according to some on the internet*, a Japanese proverb. So even though there’s not much here that fits with what we know about him or any gimmick he’s ever worked, that’s enough to have a lot of people speculating this could be a sign Kazuchika Okada is moving from Japan to Florida. There were rumors the New Japan star could start at NXT if he chose WWE as his next home, but the latest reports say AEW is the favorite to land The Rainmaker.

So I don’t know how much stock I’d put into that theory, but this did pop me...

Do you think NXT is hyping the arrival or either Foley or Okada? If not, who do you think the “three faces” teaser is talking about?

* In doing a bit of googling in an effort to determine the original source of the saying, I found a reply on a language forum which read, “For some reason, Internet is full of ‘Japanese proverbs’ that I never have heard in Japan” ... which sounds about right.

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