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Carmelo Hayes finally turns on Trick Williams

Ilja Dragunov is still NXT champion after Vengeance Day, and to hell with Melo.

Tonight’s (Sun., Feb. 4, 2024) NXT Vengeance Day premium live event at the F&M Arena in Clarksville, Tennessee kicked off with Carmelo Hayes taking a spear for Trick Williams and losing in the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament because of it. When questioned about it later, ‘Melo claimed he did so because letting Trick take the hit would only weaken him for his match against Ilja Dragunov for the NXT championship in the main event.

Williams went along with it, and ultimately decided that, for once, he actually wanted to have Hayes with him for the match. He wanted his friend there for his triumph.

When it came time for the match, Hayes was indeed out there for it. And he did indeed get involved, attacking Dragunov on the outside while Trick was selling behind them and getting the worst of it, to the point he was knocked into Williams directly into his knee. And then his knee gave out on him, and suddenly Ilja was hitting an H Bomb, and then another from the middle rope.

But Trick kicked out!


He hit the roundhouse kick.




No way.

Of course, a ref bump happened shortly after, one that involved Hayes as well, and the Trick Knee that would have given him the win and the title was left uncounted for too long. By the time a new official showed up, Dragunov was kicking out at two.

The battle continued, the two mustering up everything they had to meet in the middle of the ring, and it was Dragunov who hit Torpedo Moscow to score the three and retain the title.

Hayes hopped the ring to say they were close and Trick is still his boy. Williams seemed to accept it and walked forward. Carmelo went behind his back, got that look on his face, and dove for his knee. The turn finally happened, the true face revealing itself for the world to see.

Damn you, Carmelo Hayes. Damn you to hell.

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