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CM Punk calls WWE locker room ‘everything the business is supposed to be’

WWE’s video team followed CM Punk on his journey to the 2024 Royal Rumble, his first televised WWE match since the 2014 Royal Rumble. Some of that material is included in the 30-plus minute vlog they released today (Feb. 2) chronicling what happened before, during and after last Saturday’s event — but the parts that are really getting people’s attention today are from the “after”, particularly after Punk realized he’d suffered an injury that would probably cause him to miss WrestleMania 40.

It’s since been confirmed that he will miss the show as he’ll be out 4-6 months after surgery to repair a torn triceps. At the end of the vlog, Punk reflects on that:

“It hasn’t been an easy 48 hours, but I always try to look at things from a couple different perspectives. My perspective is: This is a drag. Tore my tricep. Just came back to the company in November. First televised match back, get hurt. Surgery Thursday. But in the grand scheme of things — just a bump in the road. I’ve been here before. It’s just, my heart hurts, you know? Telling the fans, being upfront about it, and speaking from such an emotionally charged point of view — that’s where the connection is. Because I truly do believe, like, this sucks. It really [bleep]ing sucks. But is it the end of the world? No.”

As he did during his promo announcing the injury on the Jan. 29 Raw, Punk sought to keep the setback in perspective. In doing so in the the vlog, he talked about the support he gets from his colleagues. Punk specifically mentioned Cody Rhodes (the moment between Punk & Rhodes that WWE shared on social media earlier this week is included in the longer video), but praised the WWE roster roster as a whole, saying:

“I’m very careful about saying, like, where you work is your family. Because I think your family is your family and where you work is your job. But it’s been a great support system. And just certain looks from certain people I get, and then I start crying again, you know? And Cody’s one of them. He’s a great dude. This locker room is everything the business is supposed to be. It’s everything the business was sold to me as being. And it’s remarkable, and that’s why I’m so sad. I’m not sad I hurt my arm, I’m sad I’m temporarily out of this amazing situation.”

That quote is noteworthy both due to the increased focus on WWE’s culture due to the ongoing Vince McMahon sex scandal (Rhodes also praised the current locker room as part of his answer when asked about the allegations about McMahon after Royal Rumble) and because of the multiple issues Punk had with members of the AEW roster during his two years with that promotion before rejoining WWE last November. It’s also interesting in light of concerns some in the WWE locker room reportedly had that those issues would follow him upon his return.

You can watch WWE’s entire vlog of Punk’s Rumble journey above.

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