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Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes still loves his WWE title belt

WWE’s been sending custom title belts to championship-winning athletes and teams for a long time now*.

Results vary. Sometimes it’s never seen outside of Triple H’s tweet announcing that they’re shipping one off. Other times it’s appeared in an interview or during a celebration, but the champs don’t seem to know what it is or what to do with it. There have been times when WWE’s belt is front and center though, with players enjoying having it as an extra trophy to party with.

But no one has ever loved it as much as the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes.

When Mahomes won his second Super Bowl title and MVP award last year, he was rarely seen without his WWE belt for days after the game. The man rapidly building his reputation as one of the best quarterbacks of all-time excitedly unboxed the belt in the locker room after the game, and was spotted with it & the Lombardi trophy (the NFL’s official prize for the champs) on the team bus back to the Chiefs’ hotel. At the parade back in KC, Mahomes never took the belt off as he downed beers and basked in the adoration of thousands of midwesterners.

Another year, another Super Bowl win & MVP honor. Does Patrick still love his WWE strap**?

He sure does. The three-time champ was letting some of his teammates show it off in the locker room last night in Las Vegas, but even as he draped it over running back Isiah Pacheco shoulder, he was still brushing it off to make sure it looked perfect in the pictures that were being taken.

Look, the dude just loves WWE belts. He even swapped a Super Bowl ring for Logan Paul’s United States championship last year!

Okay, we think that was just because Mahomes endorses Paul’s PRIME energy drink. But still.

* At least for the Super Bowl, WWE is now sending the winners a version of officially licensed team belts that everyone can buy year-round, which takes some of the fun out of this tradition... at least for this grumpy old rasslin’ blogger.

** It’s hard to root for a dynasty, but that Mahomes still rocks the non-licensed version is a reason to cheer him... for me, anyway.

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