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Matt Riddle not surprised by Vince McMahon allegations: ‘The guy is a maniac’

WWE NXT’s Twitter

Matt Riddle is the latest performer who worked for Vince McMahon to comment on the sexual abuse allegations against the 78 year old former WWE Chairman.

The former UFC fighter & WWE wrestler was asked about McMahon while appearing on the Feb. 11 episode of the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast. He responded:

“When I’ve seen Vince do all the things he’s done from the 80s, 90s, early 2000s, everything, I was not surprised. I mean, some of it, a little, but the guy’s a billionaire that owns a company and has probably done it all and seen it all and wants to do more and see more. I don’t know, I’m not a billionaire.

Riddle, who was accused of sexual assault during 2020’s #SpeakingOut movement (he denied the allegation and a lawsuit filed by his accuser was dropped the following year), also sought to distance himself from the allegations against McMahon and WWE in Janel Grant’s recent lawsuit. Grant’s sex trafficking suit included stories about McMahon offering sexual interactions with Grant to a former UFC champion during contract negotiations. While Riddle never help a title in the TKO-owned mixed martial arts company, he made sure to point out it was Brock Lesnar who was implicated:

“I wasn’t the dude, Brock was the dude he [Vince] was talking to or whoever else, it wasn’t me.

After those comments, Riddle had no comment other than to continue commenting:

“I really have no comment other than that. I’m not surprised, I hear people say they are surprised, I’m not surprised, I mean, the guy is a maniac.

Riddle was released by WWE last September, not long after he accused a police officer of sexually assaulting him at New York’s JFK Airport. He later deleted the social media post with the allegation.

The 38 year old is currently wrestling for MLW, New Japan, and various independent promotions in the United States and Mexico.

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