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WWE Raw results, live blog (Feb. 12, 2024): Elimination Chamber qualifiers

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 12, 2024) from the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Elimination Chamber premium live event scheduled for later this month in Perth, Australia — and for WrestleMania 40 a little farther on down the road.

Advertised for tonight: Elimination Chamber qualifying matches continue, as LA Knight takes on Ivar and Bobby Lashley battles Bronson Reed. On the women’s side, Liv Morgan dukes it out with Zoey Stark. Other plans include The New Day joining forces with Jey Uso to take on Imperium, R-Truth vs. JD McDonagh go one-on-one, and much more.

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Raw live blog will kick off once the show starts on USA Network. It will be below this line here. Reminder: GIFs and pics allowed, but no links to illegal streams, please.


What started out as wonder, the smell of scorched earth, it filled me with a sense of bliss, but now? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with commentary welcoming us to the show.

We get footage of Cody Rhodes arriving at the arena earlier.

Imperium (Giovanni Vinci, GUNTHER, & Ludwig Kaiser) vs. “Main Event” Jey Uso & New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

Kingston and Kaiser slugging it out, running knee from the German, Kofi comes back with a dropkick and a lariat, Xavier tagging in, double-teams, Unicorn Stampede with Uso getting in on the action and then staring GUNTHER down! The Ring General tags in, working Jey over, Vinci with quick tags and chops!

Imperium in control and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Uso reaching, path cleared, tags made and Vinci comes in on Woods! Xaiver running hot, Kofi running interference, neckbreaker sets up a Fameasser! Straight suplex, tag from Kingston, Shadows Over Hell frog splash... NOPE! New Day Boom Drop follows, Giovanni gets him cut off on the floor, back inside, cover for two!

GUNTHER working Kofi over, big overhead elbow, taunting Jey Uso about it, Boston Crab applied and Uso breaks it up with a slap as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Uso with a hot tag, superkicks on superkicks on Vinci, Samoan Drop, one for Kaiser as well! Stacking Odes to Rikishi up, GUNTHER bails to avoid a shot to the apron, superkicks to the other two guys and Jey is standing call and calling for the Ring General!

GUNTHER tags in, ripcord lariat, Jey kicks out at two! Ring General up top, knees up on the splash! Spear connects... LUDWIG KAISER BREAKS IT UP! Kofi takes Ludwig out, Vinci tags in, big boot gets a superkick, New Day slide in the ring, double flapjack... THREE-MAN 1D! New day diving to take Imperium out, Jey off the top...

Jey Uso & New Day win by pinfall with a diving splash from Uso on Giovanni Vinci.

We get a recap of the WrestleMania XL kickoff press conference.

Bobby Lashley, Street Profits, and B-FAB make their entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get an Andrade el Idolo vignette where he talks about how life has shown him he has to decide and he talks about his love of this business and how WWE was the next step, from NXT Champion to United States Champion, but his titles weren’t enough and he had to leave to remember who he was.

Now he’s back and he knows the direction is clear.

Bobby Lashley vs. “Big” Bronson Reed (Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)

Collar and elbow, struggling around the ring, Reed backs him into the corner, Lashley gets away and runs him over. To the floor, Bronson back in control, diving shoulder block sends Bob over the timekeeper’s barricade and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Lashley clubbing blows, reverse STO, straight suplex... NOPE! Bronson with a Death Valley Driver... NOPE! Bob with a big nearfall of his own off a spinebuster, Reed returns a senton, headed up top, Lashley cuts him off, bodyslam sets it up...

Bobby Lashley wins by pinfall with a spear, qualifying for the Elimination Chamber.

We get a recap of Drew McIntyre attacking Cody Rhodes last week.

Footage of a sitdown interview with Sami Zayn from this afternoon follows.

He talks about how he’s not giving up and is interrupted by Shinsuke Nakamura, who compares him to Cody Rhodes and says he’d love to see his true self in the ring tonight.

Cody Rhodes is shown walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get a media hype reel for the WrestleMania XL kickoff press conference.

“American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He asks what we want to talk about and says we could talk about how he’s going to be challenging Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania XL. He gives us credit for being able to say that, and says we made our voices heard, a full week trending worldwide, spreading the word, and the word was— “We want Cody!” chants go up.

He says he doesn’t know how to repay us before saying there is one way, and he gets it, he’s a passionate guy about this place and his part in it, and he’s often wearing his heart on his sleeve but he doesn’t want to become emotional lest he become a crybaby. This gets “Rocky sucks!” chants.

We were all saying we wanted Cody, but there was one man who didn’t want to hear it, and that man happens to me the most famous man alive, a potential presidential candidate, and the man who coined the term “Cody crybabies” and he tosses to footage of Rock on Pat McAfee’s show disparaging Cody’s fans.

Cody says promos are different than they used to be and few people can match the Rock on the microphone but he has to ask... what are we supposed to do with these nuggets? He asks Pat McAfee for clarity, who informs him he’s meant to put them in his ass. Cody tells us not to mistake his levity for a lack of seriousness and he calls the Rock out for slapping him in the face in public.

Sometimes you can hear the river’s overflowing and he saw a look in the Rock’s eyes that wasn’t the people’s energy, but rather malevolence, and he and Roman are the perfect storm. Rock laid hands on him and that means he’s going to hit him back.

Enter Seth Rollins, dressed in white with a frankly majestic leopard print coat over top.

Rollins soaks in the crowd singing his song and Cody thanks him for having his back at the press conference. Seth tells him he’s welcome and as much as he was looking for ward to defending the title against him at WrestleMania, he understands his decision and why he has to go after Roman Reigns.

He has to finish that story, right? And there are millions of people around the world who want him to finish that story. More than that, Seth tells him straight he needs to finish his story for himself, for his dad, for Rollins, for everyone here tonight, because if he doesn’t beat Roman Reigns, the landscape on the other side of WrestleMania is very, very dark.

You’ve got the most powerful champion of the modern era with more power, more leverage, and he defends his title less, the glass ceiling gets thicker, the brass rings get higher, and this is probably the last chance anyone has to take the title and return that power to the people.

Rhodes might be the man for the job, but what’s his plan? He’s fought, he’s trained, he won the Royal Rumble again, but the deck is stacked against him just as bad as it was, but the bar has been raised now that he’s dealing with the Rock, too. And he says all this because he needs to tell Cody he’s not fighting this battle alone.

They don’t always see eye-to-eye but a couple weeks back Cody told Roman he didn’t just want the title, he wanted to take everything, and Seth felt that, and that’s why he stepped up. He’s sick and tired of these arrogant, entitled pricks throwing their weight around without consequences and he’s sick of them always getting away with it.

And he has to admit that the man Roman is now is partially his fault. They were in the Shield together and he taught Roman what he knows but he never imagined he’d become the monster he’s become, and now that monster has two heads as he’s linked up with the only man who’s as entitled and selfish as he is.

But when it comes to fighting the Bloodline, to fighting the Rock, to fighting Roman Reigns, there’s only one man on earth uniquely suited to be Cody’s shield. He was once an architect and now he’s a visionary, a revolutionary, etc.

New Day and Jey Uso are interviewed backstage.

Jey talks about getting a title shot against GUNTHER.

Liv Morgan makes her entrance to send us to break.

Liv Morgan vs. Zoey Stark (Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)

Morgan right in with a schoolboy for two, right hands into the corner, shoved back, Stark passes her into the turnbuckles but Liv turns her around, more kicks in the corner. Back roll, big lariat, Zoey in control! To the floor, Morgan with a dive, cut off, elbow cuts Stark off on her own return, up top, jockeying for position, Zoey hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron to send us to break!

Back from commercial, rising knee, Stark counters, running Tenryu powerbomb... NO DEAL! Big crucifix pin from Liv, no deal, Zoey with a nearfall off a superkick! Headed up top, Phoenix Splash, nobody home! Morgan gets her set up...

Liv Morgan wins by pinfall with Oblivion, qualifying for the Elimination Chamber.

Judgment Day and R-Truth are walking backstage.

Truth tells JD McDonagh he needs to come back to reality because he’s not part of Judgment Day.

Damian Priest gets in his face and gives him a reality check, saying they’ve had some fun but he is in no way part of Judgment Day, and tonight is an execution.

Judgment Day make their entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Adam Pearce interrupts R-Truth at Gorilla.

Pearce tries to impress on Truth that his match is right now, but Ron is busy on the phone trying to get Miz to rush to Kentucky from LA.

Adam shoves Truth out and we’re off!

JD McDonagh vs. R-Truth

McDonagh taking Truth into the corner, Ron turns him around, bounces him out of the turnbuckles, whip across, big hip toss from the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion! Stinger Splash, whip across, back body drop and we go to break!

Back from commercial, flying shoulder blocks, fall-forward Blue Thunder Driver, “You can’t see me!” gets an upkick, Truth cuts him back off, “You can’t see me!”, Five Knuckle Shuffle! Fireman’s carry, JD slips out, schoolboy, handful of tights, no fall! Corkscrew forearm from Truth, McDonagh comes back...

JD McDonagh wins by pinfall with Devil Inside.

Post-match, Finn Balor attacks but Truth ducks and fights a valiant action against Judgment Day! It’s down to him and Damian Priest, they square up and Priest drops him after some interference from JD! They put boots to Truth... #DIY MAKE THE SAVE, CHAIRS IN HAND!

Cody Rhodes rolls up on Sami Zayn and thanks him for having his back and says it’ll be the same for him. He tells Sami he believes in him, and more importantly, the fans believe in him, and they hug.

Becky Lynch is shown walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get a hype reel for something called the Golden Title, held by a bunch of celebrities over the weekend.

Becky Lynch makes her entrance and gets on the mic.

She says she just saw an interesting sign about her going to the prom in 2034 and says the Road to WrestleMania has already been crazy and unpredictable and she loves that about this. She talks about how obsessed she is about this business and how mostly great that is.

But she’s missed birthdays and weddings and her own father’s funeral and her daughter is only three years old but she’s already had to have some difficult conversations with her. But she’s obsessed with getting the title back that she hasn’t held in almost two years, and that means facing down one of the most dominant champions we’ve ever had around here.

She says whether you love or hate either of them, she wants to make a toast for the wild journey we’re on all the way until WrestleMania, and if you have a drink or a fist, raise it in the air. This is to Rhea Ripley— enjoy your last few weeks as champion, bottom’s up.

Enter Nia Jax.

She knows they’ve had some differences but she’d like to get in the ring and say something to Lynch. Becky nods and she enters the ring, saying she has so much respect for her. If her mom was half the mother she is, she’d be so lucky. God willing one day she’ll be a mother and she can use Becky as an example.

She tells Lynch she’s gonna win at Elimination Chamber and there’s nothing that’s gonna stop her... just like nothing’s gonna stop her from beating Rhea for the title, making it the two of them at WrestleMania—

Enter Rhea Ripley.

She rushes the ring and a brawl breaks out, Lynch with a missile dropkick on Nia and she falls to the floor!

Drew McIntyre is interviewed backstage.

He says Cody is selfish and he’s the underdog here. He had to beat AJ Styles last week just to qualify for one of the most dangerous matches in WWE, and then he’ll have to win things the right way. He begs Cody to get himself out of their match next week.

LA Knight makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, R-Truth thanks #DIY for the save.

#DIY say Miz gave them a call and Truth says he can’t believe DX made the save for him, saying Gargano is HBK and Ciampa HHH and asks them how Road Dogg is doing before thaking them again. Johnny admits he is a sexy boy as we cut away.

Ivar vs. LA Knight (Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)

Ivar out the gates looking for the Tiger Driver, Knight floats over, sticking and moving, DDT spikes the big man but he falls to the floor! Wrecking ball dropkick, bouncing Warbeard’s face into the announce desk a few times, throwing him into the barricade!

Ivar turns the tide and we go to break.

Back from commercial, slugging it out in the middle of the ring, Knight ducks a kick, goes for a slam but his back gives out! Back elbow out of the corner, Black Hole Slam from the Viking... NOPE! Valhalla running interference, BFT blocked, reverse roundhouse kick connects! Warbeard off the top, nobody home on the moonsault...

LA Knight wins by pinfall with BFT, qualifying for Elimination Chamber.

Sami Zayn is walking backstage when he runs into Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre tells him to keep his name out of his mouth and his nose out of his business. Sami tells him he’s in his way and Drew makes a big show of stepping aside as we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes next week’s show up.

Adam Pearce is chatting with Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell when Chelsea Green rushes in to demand a spot in the last chance battle royal for the Women’s Elimination Chamber.

Pearce says he’s got hard decisions to make and Green whines about it, demanding a singles match. Shayna Baszler rolls up to offer happily to ruin her dreams.

Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Zayn with a wristlock, into the ropes, clean break. Side headlock this time, wrenching it in, Nakamura breaks away, side headlock of his own! Shot off, stalemate, and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Zayn off the top with an overhead elbow, only two! Back and forth, Sami with the Michinoku Driver for two! Dives take us out to the floor and we go to back to break!

Back from commercial, Nakamura with kicks in the corner, staggering him, he catches one, desperate right hands in the middle of the ring! Charging in, Sami reverses, Blue Thunder Driver... SO CLOSE! Diving Kinshasa gets two, back up top, another one... SO CLOSE!

Drew McIntyre walks down, Shinsuke is ready...

Shinsuke Nakamura wins by pinfall with Kinshasa.

Post-match, Nakamura and McIntyre both beat Zayn down until Cody Rhodes makes the save! A Cody Cutter sends Drew packing and Cross Rhodes lays Shinsuke out!

That’s the show, folks.

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