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The Rock: It’s been decades since wrestling was buzzing like this for WrestleMania

The Great One comments on the mega hot angle from the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff press event.

When The Rock initially came back to WWE television this year, he hinted at going after Roman Reigns to finally do the long awaited match between the two. The next time we saw him, he was straight up taking Cody Rhodes’ spot in the main event of WrestleMania 40.

The live audience that evening in Birmingham seemed just fine with it. The online audience did not feel the same.

What followed was an outcry that may or may not have led to a change in plans. Perhaps the plan all along was to hold a press event that saw Rhodes declare he will indeed be challenging Reigns for the WWE Universal championship, insulting The Tribal Chief’s family in the process. That would, of course, be The Rock’s family too. That led to “The Great One” slapping Cody in the face and the entire story getting flipped upside down.

Today, The Rock commented on it all:

“I was born into this crazy world and I love every second of it.

It’s been decades since pro wrestling has been buzzing like this for WRESTLEMANIA and this has become rare air that we’re all breathing, and it’s very fucking cool & exciting for us, as wrestlers, our company and most importantly - all our fans.

“Your hero fucked around and he found out quick what happens when you talk about our family with disrespect.

“Lines crossed and blurred - bring it.

“We don’t toe the mark for no one.

“Road to Wrestlemania begins…”

I’m inclined to agree. They’ve stumbled right into an incredibly hot angle with a compelling story that should reach a deeply satisfying conclusion come April in Philadelphia. I’m ready to enjoy the ride.

Shout out to long gamers everywhere.

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