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Bruce Prichard refuses to comment on Vince McMahon lawsuit: ‘I’m not involved’

He still works for WWE and therefore isn’t trying to lose his job talking about ongoing legal matters.

Bruce Prichard has a podcast, “Something to Wrestle,” and because of both that and his close proximity to Vince McMahon over the past three or so decades, he was always going to have to comment on the recent lawsuit that led to McMahon’s ouster from WWE/TKO. That became especially true when former WWE star Ronda Rousey publicly called Prichard “Vince’s avatar” and claimed McMahon was “still running things through Bruce when he was ‘gone’ before.”

To that end:

“Well, first of all, as far as lawsuits and things of that nature, I’m not at liberty to discuss any legal matters with the company whatsoever. So, to that, there’s nothing that I can say and/or do. So there can’t be a response from a legal standpoint. And you can ask until you’re blue in the face and that’s going to be your answer. I’m not involved. I’m not being sued. I’m not accused of anything. You know, it’s a legal matter. As I’ve said to you, sometimes it’s as simple as for those who believe, no explanation is needed and for those that don’t, no explanation will do. That’s kind of where we are, and we’ll let the rest of it sit in the hands of the fine legal system that we have here in the United States of America.”

As his podcast host states, Prichard still works for WWE, who is involved in the lawsuit and because of that he can’t comment on the matter. He simply doesn’t want to lose his job over it. Rumors have swirled that TKO could clean house of anyone connected to McMahon and that certainly includes Prichard.

So we’ll have to wait and see on all that. For now, a comment saying he can’t comment is all we’re getting.

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