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Former WWE star Billy Jack Haynes in custody as a suspect in wife’s death

Details of charges against him will be released once he’s booked into jail.

Former pro wrestler and WWE superstar Billy Jack Haynes is in police custody in Portland, Oregon, as a suspect in the shooting death of his wife, Janette Becraft. She was 85.

On Thursday morning (Feb. 8), officers responded to a report of a shooting at the Southeast Portland home of Becraft and Haynes. They requested assistance from the Special Emergency Reaction Team and the Crisis Negotiation Team to take Haynes into custody after determining that he was inside the home. Upon entering the residence, authorities found Becraft, who was deceased.

Neighbors interviewed by local news had nothing but good things to say about the couple. Brilynn Matthieu, who lives with her dad in a separate section of the house that Haynes lives in, told Oregon Live that she occasionally helped take care of Becraft, who had dementia. She saw them last Tuesday after Haynes fell the previous night. Matthieu mentioned Haynes left the emergency room, concerned for his wife. According to Matthieu’s father, the couple was inseparable.

Longtime fans will remember Haynes from his time in WWE in the late ‘80s. He broke into pro wrestling in the early part of the decade after training with Stu Hart in Calgary. His muscular build and humble disposition made him a popular attraction in the Portland, Florida, and Texas territories before he joined WWE in 1986.

After a series of matches with stars like Randy Savage, Haynes reached his apex at WrestleMania III against Hercules Hernandez in a battle of strongmen. After leaving WWE in 1988, Haynes continued to wrestle, making a stop in World Championship Wrestling under a mask and new persona, Black Blood, before retiring years later.

Haynes, 70, is currently in police custody at a local hospital receiving treatment for a medical issue unrelated to the homicide or his interaction with law enforcement. Once discharged, Haynes will be formally booked into jail. Details of his charges will be disclosed following his booking, according to police.

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