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Drew McIntyre is a magnificent menace in his latest round of trolling CM Punk

The Scottish Warrior goes to TikTok in his latest assault on CM Punk.

Drew McIntyre continues to make the most of social media while persistently pulverizing an injured CM Punk into oblivion.

Following his announcement this week on Raw, where Punk said he would have to miss WrestleMania due to a torn triceps, McIntyre obliterated Punk on the microphone. Outwitting Punk in a verbal exchange is an accomplishment in itself. But then McIntyre took it a step further by going on the platform X to dance on Punk’s figurative grave.

Now comes the latest from McIntyre on TikTok as he primes himself for an epic workout.

Armed with a bottle of Logan Paul’s delicious thirst-quencher, Prime, McIntyre pets a cat seated on a workbench before heading over to the triceps pushdown machine where he works in a pump and a jab against Punk.

“Time to tear up those triceps,” said McIntyre with a wink.

With Punk on the shelf for the next several months, hopefully, WWE will find something of significance for McIntyre to do come WrestleMania, especially as he turns in one wickedly entertaining performance after another.

Perhaps during his next workout, the Scottish Warrior can take us all through leg day in honor of Seth Rollins.

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