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Oba Femi wins the North American championship

Dragon Lee returned to NXT television this week, his visa issues behind him. Lexis King immediately confronted him, trying to get a shot at the North American championship. So it was booked for the main event of the evening.

Before they got there, King interrupted an interview with Oba Femi, who was talking about when he might cash in for the title shot he earned by winning the men’s Breakout tournament. There was no real tension between the two but they did leave it with a tease of Femi wondering about that match being the main event this evening.

Later, Lee defeated King to retain the title. While he was collecting himself, Femi’s music hit and he came rushing down to the ring, eager to cash in. They announced as much and just to make clear it wasn’t a fake out, Lee hit a dive to the outside and threw Femi in the ring himself.

Within moments he was pinned and Femi is the new North American champion.

This gives Lee a way off the NXT roster and back to Friday Night SmackDown while also giving a young upstart the opportunity to make a name for himself. And, hey, it looks like he may already have a program lined up.

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