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Don’t look now, but here comes Ivar

The Viking Raiders star may emerge as a breakout talent in 2024.

Since losing his longtime partner due to injury last fall, Ivar of the Viking Raiders has been turning lemons into lemonade, and that’s been turning heads in the process.

For nearly a decade, Ivar and Erik terrorized wrestling rings across the globe, from Ring of Honor to New Japan Pro Wrestling to NXT, before arriving on WWE’s main roster in 2019. The Viking duo won tag team titles at every stop along the way and looked to be in position for another championship run until Erik landed on the disabled list last September. Then, in November, Erik revealed that he had successfully undergone neck fusion surgery, a procedure that historically has sidelined many wrestlers for up to a year.

While he is still accompanied to the ring by the squad’s manager and Erik’s real-life wife Valhalla, Ivar, a 20-plus year veteran, is on his own for the first time since before the tandem formed in Ring of Honor. Despite a seemingly subpar win-loss record on Raw (he’s 3-5 since October), his brute force in every exhibition is beginning to gain him acclaim.

Following a fatal four-way match in November that saw The Miz leave victorious after a peculiar finish, Ivar ravaged the A-Lister with such savagery that it would have made famed Viking Erik the Red proud. Next came a pair of entertaining hoss fights with Bronson Reed that ultimately saw Reed squeak out a victory in the sequel.

However, Ivar has since rebounded strongly with a victory over Alpha Academy’s Otis this past Monday on Raw (Jan. 8). Ivar’s beef with the Academy appears to be far from over, though, as he has threatened to use Akira Tozawa as a toothpick in the future. Such a scenario could potentially set up a confrontation with the group’s leader, Chad Gable, a former Intercontinental title hopeful who took the champion Gunther to his limits on multiple occasions.

Should that be the case, a prevailing Ivar might find himself opposite the Ring General in a meaty championship showdown that could help further his singles campaign. Regardless of the outcome, that may lead to more solo opportunities in the future as Ivar carries on the crusade on behalf of the Viking Raiders.

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