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R-Truth’s time with Judgment Day might be up despite amazing tribute video

Can he leave teammates like ‘Tom & Nic Mysterio’, with whom he’s spent years living, laughing & loving, for a Tag title run with The Miz?

WWE’s YouTube

Jan. 8’s Raw gave us the next chapter in the saga of R-Truth and The Judgment Day, and included this piece of comedy gold.

Truth made a video to document his unbreakable bond with the group, one that started just after he was born and told the doctor that one day he’d be in The Judgment Day. That means his love for his new faction even pre-dates his John Cena fandom!

He’s shown with the crew for all their greatest moments, like Damian Priest winning Money in the Bank, Rhea Ripley winning the Royal Rumble, and of course 1998’s Judgment Day: In Your House PPV. Truth talked about the bond he shares with Judgment Day: Priest, Rhea, Finn Bálor, and Tom & Nick Mysterio... even though he never even met Nick. Then he invited any member of the roster to use the group as a shoulder to cry on before unveiling their new slogan: Live, Laugh, Love.

Not included on Truth’s gratitude list is the man he beat to get into The Judgment Day — JD McDonagh. He tried to support JD when he wrestled The Miz, but couldn’t help celebrating with his old Awesome Truth partner after a win. It puts our guy in a hell of a tough spot. Especially seeing as he’ll be teaming with Miz against McDonagh & Mysterio next Monday, with The A-Lister wanting them to use a win to eventually become Tag champs for the first time... something that would likely involve them beating reigning champs Bálor & Priest (provided they win their defense against DIY on Jan. 15).

In a backstage scene on Raw, Señor Money in the Bank — who still finds Truth hilarious, by the way — told Ripley he’d take care of Truth when the time comes.

Will that time be next week? We better live, laugh & love with The Judgment Day while we can.

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