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Big meaty men did big meaty things on Raw

WWE is finally coming around to publicly acknowledging that a certain segment of its fan base loves big meaty men throwing their weight around on its programming. They leaned into it heavy (pun absolutely intended) on Monday Night Raw this week with a matchup pitting Ivar vs. Otis.

Wade Barrett spent nearly the entire match talking about how meaty it was, which was great all on its own, but we also got this incredibly meaty moment:

That would be the meaty Otis catching the even meatier Ivar in mid air coming off the ropes before slamming him down for a two count. Listen to the response they got for that! The meaty men can be denied no longer!

To top it all off, Maxxine hit Otis with the ol’ chef’s kiss. He certainly deserved it. He lost the match, of course, but we’re just happy the meaty men got to do meaty things to this degree.

More, please!

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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