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He said yes: Cody Rhodes agrees to be the best man at a fan’s wedding

Cody Rhodes defeated Shinsuke Nakamura this past weekend at a WWE live event in Spokane, WA. After proving to be the better man, Rhodes agreed to be the best man at a fan’s wedding.

Following his victory, Rhodes spotted a sign in that crowd that read, “Cody, be my best man.” Rhodes turned to those gathered at the Spokane Arena and asked if he should do it, and a loud majority replied, “Yeah.”

Rhodes then asked the groom-to-be a couple of questions, starting with his criminal history, “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?”

After the fan said no, Rhodes continued, asking what day of the week the wedding falls on and if it was possible for him to schedule it for a weekday. The American Nightmare also wanted to know how long the couple had been together. When the lucky patron said two years, Rhodes agreed that it was definitely time for the pair to tie the knot.

“Oh, two years, it’s time,” said Rhodes. “My wife told me, after three minutes, I had to marry her.”

As Rhodes continued to consider the fan’s request, a loud “Do it” chant broke out. After a few moments, Rhodes accepted his proposal.

“You, sir, though I don’t know you’re name, and y’all have been together two years, and you’re not convicted of a felony, I will indeed be your best man!”

As the cheers echoed through the arena, Rhodes added a unique chapter to his story, where wrestling heroics met the heartfelt request of a fan.

Cheers to the groom, the bride-to-be, and the unanticipated alliance formed by the American Nightmare’s pledge to be the best man.

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