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Cody Rhodes shares his resolutions for 2024, makes no mention of The Rock

The best version of Cody Rhodes is happening in 2024, at least that’s what The American Nightmare hopes to be in the New Year.

Speaking to Cathy Kelly during WWE’s Preview Special 2024, Rhodes shared his New Year’s resolutions, most of which were about his life outside the ring.

“2024, personal resolutions, be the best father, be the best husband. Professional resolutions, I think everybody knows the three words I’d probably say here,” said Rhodes.

As most know by now, those three words are: finish the story, referencing Rhodes’ dream of winning the WWE Championship for his late father, Dusty Rhodes. However, many fans are concerned that Rhodes may not get to complete his tale, at least not this year, thanks to the recent return of The Rock.

This week on Raw, The Great One returned and made a less-than-subtle challenge to the Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns, who responded in kind as only The Head of the Table can. As for Rhodes, he did not elaborate on his professional goals. Instead, he continued his campaign to be the face of WWE by talking about the company’s success in 2023 while expressing optimism for its future in the months ahead.

“WWE in 2023, dollars and cents wise, black and white on paper, had its best year ever. That’s just wild. Best year ever. I think I can guarantee that in 2024, WWE has an even better year,” said Rhodes.

It’s worth noting that Rhodes didn’t mention The Rock once during his interview. In 2023, Rhodes said that WWE’s options heading into WrestleMania 39 were “even better” than The Rock. Rhodes later clarified his statement, saying, “I’m gonna walk that one back. And I’m gonna say WrestleMania is amazing. If Rock decides to come to WrestleMania, please. Simply because we’re able to have WrestleMania because of someone like The Rock.”

It remains to be seen whether Rhodes will finish his story on WWE’s Grandest Stage of Them All or if The Rock will headline one more WrestleMania against the Undisputed Champ Roman Reigns. There is the possibility that The Rock and Reigns could meet in Australia at February’s Elimination Chamber event. If that’s the case, a win by Reigns could help bolster Rhodes’ story should those two meet at WrestleMania.

Either way, the end result will likely mean big business for WWE, just as Rhodes has predicted for 2024.

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