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Did the waiting intervals actually last 90 seconds in the 2024 men’s Royal Rumble match?

WWE stated that there would be 90-second waiting intervals between each entrant in the 2024 men’s Royal Rumble match. How well did WWE stick to that claim? Here are the waiting times between all 28 buzzers, in chronological order:

  • 1m 46s: Buzzer 1 - Grayson Waller
  • 1m 46s: Buzzer 2 - Andrade
  • 1m 59s: Buzzer 3 - Carmelo Hayes
  • 1m 44s: Buzzer 4 - Shinsuke Nakamura
  • 1m 39s: Buzzer 5 - Santos Escobar
  • 2m 10s: Buzzer 6 - Karrion Kross
  • 1m 41s: Buzzer 7 - Dominik Mysterio
  • 2m 00s: Buzzer 8 - Carlito
  • 1m 39s: Buzzer 9 - Bobby Lashley
  • 2m 41s: Buzzer 10 - Ludwig Kaiser
  • 1m 39s: Buzzer 11 - Austin Theory
  • 1m 33s: Buzzer 12 - Finn Balor
  • 1m 39s: Buzzer 13 - Cody Rhodes
  • 1m 50s: Buzzer 14 - Bronson Reed
  • 1m 53s: Buzzer 15 - Kofi Kingston
  • 1m 45s: Buzzer 16 - GUNTHER
  • 2m 18s: Buzzer 17 - Ivar
  • 1m 37s: Buzzer 18 - Bron Breakker
  • 1m 50s: Buzzer 19 - Omos
  • 1m 59s: Buzzer 20 - Pat McAfee
  • 1m 42s: Buzzer 21 - JD McDonagh
  • 1m 41s: Buzzer 22 - R-Truth
  • 1m 53s: Buzzer 23 - The Miz
  • 1m 36s: Buzzer 24 - Damian Priest
  • 1m 55s: Buzzer 25 - CM Punk
  • 1m 40s: Buzzer 26 - Ricochet
  • 1m 34s: Buzzer 27 - Drew McIntyre
  • 2m 05s: Buzzer 28 - Sami Zayn

The average waiting period was 1m 50s, and the median time was between 1m 45s and 1m 46s.

Only two of the 28 waiting periods fell within five seconds of the 90-second goal. None of the intervals lasted less than than 93 seconds.

9 of the 28 waiting periods came within 10 seconds of the 90-second goal.

In a perfectly timed match, the final buzzer (signaling Zayn’s entrance) would have gone off 42m 00s after the start of the match. In reality, this buzzer went off at 51m 14s.

The very first waiting interval (Jey vs. Jimmy Uso) lasted 1m 46s, so the 90 second goal was abandoned right from the start.

7 of the 28 waiting periods lasted 1m 59s or longer. Here is context behind those times, in chronological order:

  • Andrade made his return to WWE in a period that lasted 1m 59s. This time was all about Andrade showing off his moves against Jimmy Uso and Grayson Waller, including an attempted three amigos suplex.
  • The period where Santos Escobar entered the match lasted 2m 10s. The only planned spot during this time seemed to be when Santos tried to align himself with Andrade, but Andrade rejected him.
  • Dominik Mysterio entered the match in a period that lasted 2m 00s. It took Dominik 69 seconds to make his entrance before he made it into the ring, which is more than half of this interval.
  • The period where Bobby Lashley entered the match was the longest of them all, lasting 2m 41s. This included the sequence where Bob eliminated Karrion Kross from the ring, Kross pulled Bob out of the ring too, and then AOP and Street Profits joined them for a wild brawl outside the ring. The 10 second countdown clock appeared during the brawl.
  • GUNTHER later joined the match in a period that lasted 2m 18s, the second longest of the match, The Ring General made the rounds chopping every single one of the seven other wrestlers in the ring, before eliminating Kofi Kingston. The countdown clock appeared when Kofi hit the floor.
  • The period where Omos joined the match lasted 1m 59s. It took Omos 63 seconds to even make it into the ring. He then beat up five different wrestlers and eliminated Bronson Reed. The period ended with Bron Breakker tossing out Ivar. This was all to set up Pat McAfee’s entrance, which was coming up next.
  • The final waiting period of the match lasted 2m 05s, and this is when Drew McIntyre joined the battle. McIntyre went around the ring beating up six different wrestlers. The period finished with GUNTHER eliminating Jey Uso, and that’s when the countdown clock appeared ahead of entrant number 30.

The median entrance time in the men’s Royal Rumble was 29.5 seconds. This is the time between the buzzer going off and when that new wrestler officially enters the ring. If WWE strictly adhered to legitimate 90 second waiting intervals, a 29.5 second entrance time would take up 32.8% of the entire waiting interval, leaving just 60.5 seconds until the next buzzer. This year’s median entrance time was actually 9 seconds shorter than last year, which is very similar to what happened in the women’s matches as well.

Once again, WWE should probably just stick with a rule of 2 minute waiting intervals in the future, as long as entrances continue taking up this much time. Even so, the kayfabe timing of the men’s match wasn’t nearly as broken as the women’s match this year.

So there you have it, Cagesiders. Which of the above numbers surprise you the most?

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