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Seth Rollins uses Ric Flair and Ultimate Warrior in his latest pitch to Cody Rhodes

Whether you view WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins’ pitch to Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes as relatively harmless way to kill some time on the road to WrestleMania 40 or a decision that lessens both Rhodes’ story and Rollins’ title... it’s an angle WWE is going through with.

The latest development in said angle happened on social media last night (Jan. 30), when Seth added a slickly produced video to his case for why Cody should use his Rumble win to challenge for his belt instead of again going after Roman Reigns and the Undisputed WWE Universal championship.

In it, he asks the American Nightmare if he wants to be remembered as Ultimate Warrior — more sizzle than steak, and how Rollins thinks Rhodes would be viewed if he ended Roman’s reign, or Ric Flair — a champ who defended his ten pounds of gold all over the world, like the Visionary had been doing until he tore his MCL.

Aside from debating the examples Seth picked (and noting how willing WWE is to bury Warrior these days after the efforts they made to reverse their pervious burial of him around his Hall of Fame induction and death), this is just a continuation of the champ’s appeal from Raw on Monday night.

It’s also set-up for Rhodes’ response, in which he teased giving Rollins an answer on SmackDown’s Rumble fallout episode. Cody quote-tweeted the video and wrote:

I’ll be at #Smackdown this Friday

Word is that the reason WWE wants to try to create suspense around the Rumble winner’s decision is to pop some ratings. We’ll see if that works for the Feb. 2 edition of the blue show.

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