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JD McDonagh vindicated after Judgment Day kicked R-Truth to the curb

That’s what’s up.

According to scripture, the stone the builders rejected would become the cornerstone. Following the noble actions of Judgment Day, that may finally be the case for JD McDonagh.

After months spent currying favor with the gothic quartet and sacrificing himself for the good of the group, McDonagh found himself upstaged by R-Truth, a fraudster who used his comedic wit to cut into Judgment Day’s merchandise sales. But despite his attempts to gain access to the club by lowballing its members with profits from his sales, R-Truth was finally shown the door.

Last week on Raw, Damian Priest requested that R-Truth refrain from being ringside for Priest’s match with Drew McIntyre. Instead, the wannabe Judgment Day star showed up, costing Priest a victory. At the Royal Rumble, during the 30-man free-for-all, Priest let his frustrations out on Truth before dumping him from the contest.

Then, following a successful defense of their tag team titles on the Jan. 29 edition of Raw, Señor Money in the Bank invited R-Truth to the ring to allegedly hash things out. Instead, he turned the dogs loose on R-Truth, with McDonagh striking the first blow before releasing a firestorm of rage on the hilarious scammer.

For McDonagh, who was the butt of countless jokes by R-Truth, the beating he dished out was immensely gratifying.

“What happened tonight was cathartic for me. It was like therapy. It was something that needed to happen a long time ago,” said McDonagh.

The Irish superstar went on to say that he had to bring a necessary evil back to the group and to remind everyone who Judgment Day is after it appeared many felt too comfortable stepping up to the vicious stable. And now that the days of live, laugh, and love have ceased, perhaps JD McDonagh can finally have his face plastered all over future Judgment Day memorabilia.

The only question is how to squeeze McDonagh’s massive head into the picture.

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