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SmackDown did its best rating since August in the wake of latest Vince McMahon scandal

SmackDown’s Jan. 29 episode was WWE’s final television show before their Royal Rumble premium live event. It also aired the day after a lawsuit against Vince McMahon & the company accused the former Chairman of shocking & appalling behavior over the course of a sexual relationship with a former WWE employee. In fact, McMahon resigned from WWE & its parent company TKO while SmackDown was on the air last Friday.

How did that all factor into people’s decisions on whether to watch? That’s impossible to say, but we can say last week’s show did the best rating among 18-49 year olds since August. According to Jed. I Goodman, the latest SmackDown was watched by 2,475,000 total viewers and did a .71 rating in 18-49. In addition to the big ratings jump, that’s also a slight uptick in overall audience from the previous Friday.

Whatever brought increased numbers of people to tune into FOX last week, WWE will try to lure them back with fallout from the Rumble rather than morbid curiosity. We'll see what the week brings.

In the meantime, here’s a rundown of the past year’s worth of SmackDown’s numbers:

* Aired on FS1
** “Best of” clip show

For complete results and this week’s SmackDown live blog click here. To read a recap & review of the night’s events click here. For video highlights of the show click here.

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