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Reports: CM Punk suffered a ‘significant injury’ in the Royal Rumble, will miss WrestleMania

During his time in AEW, CM Punk suffered a pair of significant injuries that sidelined him and forced the company to alter their plans. It could be an issue that’s followed him to WWE.

Punk wrestled his first televised match for WWE in a decade this past Saturday (Jan. 27) at Royal Rumble. He was the 27th entrant in the Men’s Rumble, working about 20 minutes before being the final person eliminated by Cody Rhodes.

There was some speculation online in the wake of last weekend’s main event that Punk may have gotten hurt in the match. In particular, attention was called to the way he clutched his right arm after taking a Future Shock DDT from Drew McIntyre.

Now, a report from Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer makes it sound like there’s something to that.

Meltzer says the exact nature of the injury is unknown, but WWE sources confirmed it is again “significant”. Inside the company, the talk is that it could a torn triceps — the same injury that Punk suffered at All Out 2022 shortly before his backstage brawl with The Elite. In that instance, he was out of action for more than nine months after surgery to repair the tear.

According to the Observer’s report, Punk will address his situation on Raw tonight (Jan. 29). Most indications were he was headed to a main event showdown with Seth Rollins, the also currently injured World Heavyweight champion, at WrestleMania 40.

Within the WWE the speculation was a torn triceps but nobody close enough to the situation would confirm anything more than a significant injury to be addressed on the show. There was a spot in the Rumble where the referee checked on Punk and he told the ref ‘My triceps.’

PWInsider has confirmed the injury, with their sources telling them it is believed to be another triceps tear. The severity of the tear hasn’t been determined, but they say Punk will undergo surgery after a promo tonight and not be back until June at the earliest:

The belief among sources we have spoken with is that post-surgery, Punk would likely need in the area of 4-6 months of recovery and physical therapy. If correct, that would obviously put him out of WrestleMania as a wrestler and if he gets the surgery within the next week, it likely means he wouldn’t be able to return to the ring until this summer in a best case scenario.

WWE is already said to be rearranging their WrestleMania plans to account for the absence of Brock Lesnar due to his reported association with the sexual abuse allegations leveled against Vince McMahon in a lawsuit. Now it looks like they’ll be making more adjustments to the card for Philadelphia.

Stay tuned.

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