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Rikishi loved Jey & Jimmy Uso facing off at Royal Rumble

“We all up!”

Although the men’s Royal Rumble this year was a bit top heavy, and the major narrative in the match didn’t really take shape until late, there were some noteworthy happenings throughout. We didn’t have to wait long for the first big moment, as Jey and Jimmy Uso entered at number one and two, respectively.

That meant we got one hell of a square up before they threw hands. Dear old dad Rikishi was watching and he absolutely loved it:

This may have been a tease for the two taking this thing all the way to WrestleMania 40 and settling up once and for all but curiously enough they didn’t do all that much for it as more and more wrestlers entered the Royal Rumble. Jimmy was unceremoniously dumped out by Bron Breakker (who took Brock Lesnar’s spot) and Jey was tossed by GUNTHER some time later.

For all the hype of the initial staredown, there wasn’t enough interaction after to create any further interest in a future showdown. That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, of course, and it was still a great way to kick off the Rumble. But it would have been great to go back to it and certainly would have helped along the first half of the match.

We’ll see how things shape up in the coming weeks. Either way, how great is it to make dear old dad so proud?

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