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TNA Knockouts champ Jordynne Grace showed up in WWE for the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble

Leading up to Royal Rumble tonight (Jan. 27) in St. Petersburg, Florida, the rumor mill told us that WWE had reached out to other promotions about having members of their rosters work the titular battle royals. Then it churned out the name of one such wrestler.

Confirmation came with the 5th entrant in the Women’s match — TNA Knockouts champion Jordynne Grace!

As rumored Grace was out to her entrance theme from her home company, and wearing her belt. What wasn’t rumored was how strongly the announce trio of Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Pat McAfee would put her over as a physical specimen and a threat to win one of WWE’s biggest matches.

TNA was ready to put her over online, too.

The Knockouts champ entered three spots after the woman she beat for her belt. When they feuded on Impact, her name was Trinity. Here it’s once again Naomi, but they remembered each other nonetheless, sharing a hug before trading blows.

Grace didn’t get any eliminations, but her own elimination was a moment. She got an extended sequence with a decorated WWE champion, Bianca Belair. Jordynne held her own and saved herself with an impressive show of strength. But she had no answer for being K.O.D.-ed on the apron...

...and the Knockouts champ amazing Rumble appearance was over after about 20 minutes in the match.

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