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R-Truth wishes us a Happy WrestleMania Day

It is, of course, not WrestleMania Day.

WWE is busy as can be on social media in the lead up to this evening’s Royal Rumble premium live event at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, with many of its top stars doing plenty of media and appearances in the build to the big show. They’ve taken it a step further by showcasing quite a few wrestlers arriving to the building with their luggage, happy as can be that Royal Rumble Day is here:

Except, of course, for R-Truth, the one true treasure in this world, who wishes us a happy WrestleMania Day:

I love that man with my entire heart. I do not ever want him to change.

He’s definitely not going to win the Royal Rumble he’s currently scheduled to be a part of, and I’m confident saying that because it’s entirely possible he won’t even be sure of the kind of match he’s competing in. Remember, he once entered and was thrown out because he went and got a ladder and tried to grab a briefcase above the ring.

Again, I hope he never changes.

It’s almost time to Rumble!

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