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The Kabuki Warriors win tag team titles on SmackDown

Damage CTRL (almost) holds all the gold now.

When The Kabuki Warriors reunited shortly after Kairi Sane returned to WWE, it seemed to only be a matter of time before they would become women’s tag team champions, bringing more gold to the group they joined up with, Damage CTRL.

Sure enough, they defeated Kayden Carter & Katana Chance on Friday Night SmackDown in Miami this week to become the new champions, a result that got quite the pop for the heel duo.

For what it’s worth, Carter & Chance, who have done well in defending the titles in recent weeks, were made to look competitive throughout the match:

They were fighting champions who broke through after a tough run on NXT, always flirting with the top but never quite getting there. This was a strong first run for them, even if it was always clear they were going to be putting over the bigger stars in the more prominent spot.

The timing here is noteworthy, considering Royal Rumble is tomorrow night and Bayley is the only (uninjured) member without a championship now. She’s been promising to win and challenge Rhea Ripley for her title...

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