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Big E has a great idea for a new match type at WrestleMania

It’s no secret that former WWE Champion Big E loves slapping meat, so why not take that concept to the next level?

During a New Day interview on WWE’s The Bump, Big E proposed the first ever Meaty Men Invitational match for the WrestleMania stage:

“Some sort of a Meaty Men Invitational, I think to be held at WrestleMania, the first inaugural. Imagine, just the largest, most bulbous, most girthy men on the roster, all gathering in one match to decide who is worthy of being crowned The Meatiest Man on God’s green earth.

Imagine me showing up to their homes, ringing their doorbells like Ed McMahon back in the day, saying hello, dear sir. You’ve been selected to take part in an event, a historic event, one that will not be forgotten. And you will face all the men with chests that extend.

...I have a lot of respect for the Ricochets of the world, but sometimes you need to highlight the men with extended chests...can I read a book on it?”

Which girthy pro wrestlers do you want to see compete in the Meaty Men Invitational? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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