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It sounds like WWE is replacing SmackDown announcer Kevin Patrick with a very familiar name

WWE SmackDown on FOX

Earlier this month, WWE made some changes to its commentary teams for Raw and SmackDown. As part of that process, Michael Cole exited the SmackDown broadcast booth so that Kevin Patrick could take over as the lead voice for the brand. However, Patrick’s time in that role didn’t last long, as it was reported earlier this week that he’s already been removed, effective immediately.

So, who is WWE bringing in to take over as the lead voice on SmackDown? According to Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, Michael Cole is back in his old seat:

“Michael Cole is [the] new announcer for SmackDown. At least for the time being. So he’ll be announcing with Corey Graves.

So they didn’t bring up anyone. They didn’t hire anyone new for now. I was told specifically it’s ‘for now,’ so they could be still be looking, and they just wanted to get rid of Kevin Patrick, I guess. But yeah, Michael Cole’s got the spot this weekend.”

Perhaps Cole’s return to SmackDown commentary will only be temporary until WWE finds someone not named Adnan Virk who can handle the gig. But the road to WrestleMania 40 officially kicks off this weekend (Jan. 27) with Royal Rumble 2024, so I’d bet Cole will be performing double duty on Raw and SmackDown commentary for the next couple of months.

What do you make of WWE’s apparent decision to replace Patrick with Cole, Cagesiders?

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