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Seth Rollins wants to be back in the ring before WrestleMania

In a recent interview, the WWE World Heavyweight champ revealed an even more optimistic timeline for coming back from his knee injury than the one he shared on the Jan. 22 Raw.

On the Jan. 22 episode of Raw, WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins confirmed he’d suffered a Grade 2 MCL tear in the main event of the previous Monday’s show. The champ said he was told it would take him a few months to recover, but that nothing was going to stop him from defending his belt at WrestleMania 40 on April 6-7 in Philadelphia.

While discussing the injury with Ryan Clark & Daniel Cormier on ESPN’s DC & RC podcast, Rollins revealed he’s got an even more optimistic timeframe:

“Yeah, rehab’s going to be a pain, man - but dodged a bullet. The ACL is intact, so anybody who knows anything about ligaments in the knee, the ACL is the big one. That one is good. The MCL will heal with time. You know, we’ll get in there, we’ll do some stuff, we’ll check out the PRP [Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment] and do some rehab.

“I’m hoping to be back at full strength around a month. Around a month is like kind of my timeline. And we’ll see what happens. We’re gonna take it day-to-day. I’d like to be back in a month. I don’t want to walk into WrestleMania and that be my first match in two months, three months, whatever it is. That’s not going to be good for me. I want to be able to get back in there, kind of test the wheel out and make sure that we’re in a good place. So we’ll see how it goes, but I’m taking it day-by-day. And I’m happy, like I said, that we dodged a bullet and it wasn’t anything too serious that was going to put me on the shelf for 6-9 months.”

Professional athletes aren’t like the rest of us, and with state of the art tools and methods at his disposal, Rollins can probably get his knee ready for action about as soon as almost any human on the planet.

Will that be quick enough for him to “test the wheel out” before WrestleMania? Will WWE have enough confidence he can that they don’t change any plans they had for him at this year’s Showcase of the Immortals?

Stay tuned.

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