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Fan issues open plea to Triple H in response to latest Cody Rhodes rumor

A devoted supporter of The American Nightmare passionately appeals to WWE’s Chief Content Officer in a public statement.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This post deals with a report that could include substantial spoilers for WWE Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 40.

As a recent report states that Cody Rhodes will not headline this year’s WrestleMania, nor will he “finish his story” at the event, fans of The American Nightmare are not responding well to the news.

And as support for Rhodes begins to build reminiscent of 2014’s Yes Movement, one fan went on social media and issued a heartfelt open letter to WWE’s Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque. In the post, Tiffany Castagna implored the man formerly known as The Game to take what many perceive as the right course of action:

Dear @TripleH

I’m not sure what’s true, but this would be a crime. You’ve spent two years beautifully telling this story. Cody has done everything right. He’s worked so hard, he’s the face of the company, the fans love him, he brings in tons of money. Last year’s #WrestleMania was the biggest ever and it was headlined by Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns.

#WWE let down 81,000+ fans in attendance and millions around the world when Cody Rhodes didn’t finish the story last year. Despite that, we’ve stuck with this because we love Cody and believed the wrong would be righted in Philadelphia.

Now we are 74 days from WrestleMania night 2 and stories like this are surfacing and we can only believe it’s because @TheRock decided to waltz back into the company.

It was said that WrestleMania’s tickets were the fastest selling in history when they went on sale last year. This was NOT because of The Rock. This was because of the fans’ hope they’d see Cody Rhodes finish his story. 2023 was the most successful year in @WWE history. Again, where was The Rock? Cody Rhodes has carried this company on his back (along with others) without the help of part timers and the numbers do not lie in terms of the success it has brought in.

I would hope that with you in charge and not Vince McMahon, something like this wouldn’t even be a concern. I pray this is some kind of swerve, but at this point I don’t know and I need to put this out there. Throwing away a two year build, something the fans are extremely behind and have already paid and planned trips to see is a very “Vince” move and would be incredibly disappointing after how far WWE has come with you in charge. To derail from something going so perfectly to let a part timer come back and take the spot from someone literally working 24/7 for this would be the most “Vince” thing ever and would be an enormous mistake. We want to see Cody Rhodes finish the story against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40.

#CodyRhodes #FinishTheStory

The letter to Triple H, the creative force at WWE, passionately represents the sentiments of many Rhodes’ fans. Despite covering this topic multiple times and maintaining that Cody Rhodes will be fine no matter when or where WWE concludes his story, it’s hard even for me to ignore this level of passion.

While I’m sure I know the answer to the question, I will ask:

Cagesiders, should WWE abandon any proposed plans for a match between Roman Reigns and The Rock and do what many feel is right by having Cody Rhodes finish his story against the Tribal Chief at WrestleMania XL in Philadelphia?

Let your voices be heard, like that of Cody’s loyal fan, in the comments section.

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