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Report on WWE’s WrestleMania plans includes bad news for Cody Rhodes (Possible SPOILERS)


In his latest “Week in Wrestling” column for, Justin Barrasso lays out several key WrestleMania 40 programs. Mostly it reads as informed speculation — much of which is based on the latest episode of Raw and this week’s news.

But along with using Dwayne Johnson’s appointment to the TKO Board of Directors as evidence a Roman Reigns vs. The Rock main event showdown is now more likely to occur in Philadelphia, Barrasso includes some actual reporting about the man who until a few weeks ago seemed poised for a ‘Mania rematch with Reigns this April — Cody Rhodes:

Multiple sources close to WWE Head of Creative Paul “Triple H” Levesque have indicated that Rhodes will not headline this year’s event, nor will he “finish his story” at WrestleMania.

While it’s too soon to pronounce judgment on the decision to postpone a Roman/Cody rematch, it’s one that a lot of fans don’t want to hear. Based on his public statements, it’s also one the American Nightmare will be disappointed by.

But it could lead to a bigger moment down the road if Triple H & team can keep Rhodes & Reigns hot until they do decide to pull the trigger on Cody finishing his story. To that end, Barrasso writes that Reigns will defeat The Rock at WrestleMania 40 while Rhodes gets to face CM Punk at the Showcase of the Immortals.

If that’s right, the Jan. 22 promo duel between Punk & Rhodes wasn’t just to sell Saturday’s Rumble match, but to set-up their own ‘Mania feud. The SI scribe seems to think Punk would go down in defeat on the Grandest Stage of Them All in “a massive victory for Rhodes” as he continues his quest for the Universal title.

What of Punk’s presumed WrestleMania opponent, Seth Rollins? Barrasso has Gunther winning the men’s Rumble and challenging for Seth’s World Heavyweight championship. The Ring General would then squash the injured Rollins so he can head to Germany’s Bash in Berlin premium live event on Aug. 31 as one of WWE’s two main male titleholders.

Let us know what you make of Barrasso’s vision of the WrestleMania 40 card, and Cody’s seemingly never-ending story, in the comments below.

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