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Nick Khan addresses whether Raw will remain on Monday nights after Netflix move

Among the many questions the bombshell news about WWE’s deal with Netflix raises? Will Raw remain on Monday nights after it moves to the streamer next January?

Several people have pointed out how the TKO Group press release about WWE’s media rights contract with Netflix never refers to the red show as “Monday Night Raw”. But what does WWE president Nick Khan have to say about that?

Here’s what he told part-time WWE Superstar Pat McAfee on McAfee’s ESPN & YouTube show:

“At this moment in time, it remains Monday Night Raw — but keep in mind, we’ve got 10 and a half months until this deal’s up and running so we’re looking at what you’re looking at and what everyone else is looking at. You have a proliferation of gambling with Monday Night Football. You have an enhanced Disney package, better games, all credit to [ESPN President] Jimmy Pitaro, the Bobfather as Pat you and I call him, you coined that term, [Disney CEO] Bob Iger and all the other good folks at Disney.

“You’ve got the Manningcast. This year, it was on ABC and ESPN Monday Night Football. You got last season the playoff game that they got I believe was Tom Brady at the Cowboys, the season before, whatever that was. You also have the college national championship, football and hoops on Mondays. So, you’ve got a lot of Mondays where there is stiff competition.

“With that said, even against Alabama/Michigan and the Washington/Texas game a few weeks ago, Monday Night Raw did a 0.6 in the 18 to 49 demo, which is a massive rating against big competition. If we stay on Monday’s, it’ll work, if we move to a different day, we think it’ll work too.”

It’s a savvy answer, but not one that tells us anything other than that Raw won’t be off moving Monday nights prior to the Netflix move. After that? There are reasons to stay and reasons to go, and WWE will likely follow their newest and biggest partner’s lead in that regard.

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