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New TKO board member The Rock comments on main eventing WrestleMania with Roman Reigns


Dwayne Johnson is doing media today (Jan. 23) following the announcement he’s now a member of the TKO Board of Directors, and the proud owner of the name “The Rock”.

Especially when combined with the huge Netflix deal also announced this morning, the moves raised eyebrows — or in this case, an eyebrow. Most of the questions that come up are about the future of WWE and TKO’s business. But among wrestling fans, one of the questions involved booking. Specifically... does The Rock being on the TKO Board make it more or less likely he’ll wrestle Roman Reigns at WrestleMania this year?

While appearing on ESPN First Take, here’s how Rock responded to a Stephen A. Smith question about that:

“Look, you guys know — I’m a long gamer. I like to build. And this is — something like this, what this is — if myself and Roman Reigns were to main event WrestleMania, and I mean this very respectfully of all the WrestleManias prior, because I grew up in this business and I love it. We could possibly put on — with us as the main event and this incredible group of men and women who are these incredible performers — we could possibly put on the greatest and the biggest WrestleMania of all time.”

Co-host Molly Qerim channeled her inner Lloyd Christmas and responded, “So you’re saying there’s a chance”. Johnson replied:

“There’s a chance... I love this business. I love pro wrestling. I love WWE. But I also have this deep passion to grow it, and to build it. And if we’re going to do something like this, I want the world to watch.”

Which is interesting, because to me that could be read as Rocky wanting more than just a couple months to sell his ‘Mania showdown with Reigns. He’s not getting any younger, but he has done year-long builds before...

Speculation aside though, it will be fascinating to see this play out. Especially now that The Rock could be weighing in on the decision as more than just a star, but also as a member of the Board.

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