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Oh look, another great Drew McIntyre promo

This man is on a roll.

Drew McIntyre has done plenty of great work throughout his long pro wrestling career but I’d argue what he’s doing in WWE lately has been some of his best. He’s certainly more compelling as a character than he’s ever been.

He’s also delivered physically but lately he’s been delivering on the microphone as well. That includes through his air pods in a two minute promo on X to promote the various stories he’s involved in ahead of his match with Damian Priest on Monday Night Raw this week:

“We’re six days until the Rumble and our champion is potentially hurt. Seth, you gotta be careful when you call yourself a workhorse because the thing about workhorses is when you run too hard and you ain’t actually running and you got an injured wheel, they’ll put you down, buddy.

“But that’s a what if not a what is. Let’s talk about what is. Actually, let’s talk about last week, myself and Cody getting the chance to catch up, former tag team champions of the world, the Dashing Ones. Once again, Google it if you don’t believe me, it’s a real thing. You know, when we were younger we really thought we could have done more within the system and maybe we could have but stepping outside the system, getting our heads screwed on right, getting perspective helped us become the men we are today. And as I mentioned, I set the blueprint, redefined what it meant to be an independent wrestler. Cody, he took it, put his spin on it, and created a lot of jobs for a lot of our friends. And now Matt Cardona is taking it in his own unique direction, which is awesome.

“But I still stand by everything else that I said. I think what we’re seeing is a very clever act developed outside the company instead of the real person. The wolf in politician’s clothing. The gratitude is real, the work ethic is real, but some of the other stuff? I don’t know. I guess prove me wrong. But I’d much rather the silver tongue than Punk’s poisonous one.

“Now Priest, you idiot. One, stop wearing Rhea’s clothes. Two, once again, why didn’t you wait until I beat Seth and I was champion and I was weakened to cash in? Why do you think you keep failing? Actually, on that note, maybe three, maybe I should take that briefcase from you and restore its credibility. Mate, I’m gonna beat you. But BS aside, I do see you as an important player in my vision for Raw. And I admire anyone that picks a fight with me. But you need to learn it’s not all about all rising but falling in line. It’s about trusting someone who has led multiple companies, including this one, as your next world champion.

“Take it easy.”

Hot damn!

Raw results right here.

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