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R-Truth got great career advice from Steve Austin

But he got even better advice from Jackie Crockett.

WWE’s YouTube

R-Truth was recently interviewed by, and shared a piece of advice he received early in his career from a couple of legends.

“Stone Cold Steve Austin, a long time ago, and Ricky Morton too, told me ‘Learn how to work the stick. And I’ve been working the stick ever since. That’ll keep you in business for years. Austin taught me that.”

We should all that Stone Cold for that. Truth joins Kevin Owens among wrestlers that Austin told to keep talking. Not that we needed more proof that Austin knows good mic work when he sees it, but...

Grateful as we are that Stone Cold encouraged Truth’s gift of gab, it’s advice young Ron Killings got from his mentor Jackie Crockett that’s really worth amplifying. Truth & Crockett have told the story of their friendship on several occasions in the past, with the two-time NWA World and 54 time WWE 24/7 champion giving Jim Crockett’s son credit for helping him transition from prison to a pro wrestling career. That counseling included a pearl of wisdom:

“‘Each one teach one’. That’s what Jack Crockett wanted me to do. I got into this business by meeting Jack Crockett at a halfway house. How many people who meet you at a halfway house are gonna believe what you say? C’mon.

“He said ‘Each one teach one,’ always give back to somebody else. So any advice, anything I can give to somebody, there are superstars, males and females, [they can] come to me in NXT, [they can] come to me up here, I love giving back to them. I want everybody to win.”

That’s advice the whole world can use.

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