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Roman Reigns reacts to The Rock’s not-so subtle challenge on Raw

The Head of the Table apparently got a good chuckle from The Great One’s shtick.

The Rock made a surprise return to WWE at the “Day 1” episode of Raw on New Year’s Day, where he ran down WWE’s other surprise guest, Jinder Mahal, before laying the smackdown on him with an electrifying People’s Elbow.

But what came next sent the entire wrestling world on fire.

Before leaving, The Great One talked about getting a bite to eat after the show. He asked the San Diego audience where he should sit when he goes to dinner: a booth, at the bar, or perhaps at the head of the table, a not-so subtle dig at the Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

In the past, there have been teases and talks about a match between Reigns and The Rock, and now it seems like it’s finally happening. And the man who sits at the Head of the Table has responded on X as only The Tribal Chief can.

Reigns’ response was simply an emoji depicting a face with tears of joy. While that usually denotes crying with laughter, it could also be an actual expression of tears of joy because Reigns stands to nab the biggest payday and, perhaps, the most significant victory of his entire career.

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