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San Diego disowns hometown star Dominik Mysterio

America’s Finest City is far from classy as the local icon makes his return.

Latino heat: Dominik Mysterio gets booed out of the building in his hometown.

Note: The opinions expressed here are entirely the writer’s own and do not reflect the views or opinions of his spouse, Mrs. G0MEZ, a proud San Diego resident who actively discouraged the creation of this piece and does not endorse or align with its content or viewpoints.

WWE was in my hometown of San Diego on New Year’s Day for the “Day 1” episode of Raw. While I’d love nothing more than to be detailing my personal experience from the event with you, dear readers, this is not the case.

After several calamities, setbacks, and technical issues with the ticketing partner for Pechanga Arena, I watched Raw live from G0MEZ Headquarters while cursing the modern ticket-buying process to the high heavens. There was so much I wanted to see, including what turned out to be a surprise appearance by former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

But I was most excited to witness the return of Dominik Mysterio, the pride of San Diego, or so I thought.

Last summer, my wife and I were having dinner at a local taco shop, as NXT happened to be airing on the restaurant’s TV. That night, we saw Mysterio capture the NXT North American Championship, sending us and the store’s patrons into a frenzy.

Finally, San Diego had a championship.

So imagine my surprise when I tuned into Raw and heard my fellow San Diegans giving OUR boy the business. There was even a sign in the crowd that read, “San Diego Disowns Dirty Dom.”

Way to stay classy, San Diego.

A San Diego mural depicting local legend, Dominik Mysterio. It was removed last fall.
Photo credit to author, @THEMG0MEZ.

Despite its great weather, beautiful beaches, tourist attractions, and wide selection of international cuisine, America’s Finest City is absolutely miserable when it comes to sports. We’ve failed to capture a major championship and have lost three professional franchises: the NFL’s Chargers and the NBA’s Rockets and Clippers. After reading this, I wouldn’t be surprised if San Diego FC, our Major League Soccer team, reconsiders coming here in 2025.

Given our past, you may be able to appreciate why I’m disappointed at the lack of respect shown to the only champion we’ve known since, well, “Dirty” Dom’s dad, Rey.

Two nights earlier at the Kia Forum, fans in Los Angeles paid respect to NXT’s greatest champion by showering him with “Let’s Go Dom” chants during a live event match against CM Punk. Though Punk was still the majority favorite, the reception Mysterio received seemed like a hero’s welcome compared to what he got on Raw.

Some of you may be saying, “But G0MEZ, Dom is a bad guy. He’s supposed to get booed.”

True, but even Barry Bonds, arguably pro sports’ greatest villain, got cheered in San Francisco during his final tumultuous seasons with the Giants. For better or worse, home is where the heart is. But apparently, San Diego didn’t get the memo.

Then again, it’s what we do. We run teams off. We let superstars wave goodbye and win championships somewhere else. That’s our sports legacy.

Dave Winfield slipped through the Padres’ fingers; years later, he won a World Series with the Toronto Blue Jays, among other notable career highlights. The Chargers fumbled Drew Brees, who went on to win the Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints a short time later. After Raw, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mysterio, a surefire future world champion, adopts Los Angeles, CA, as his new hometown as early as next week.

You let me down, San Diego.

But worst of all, you let Dominik Mysterio, one of our own, down.

Ugh, I need a drink. Quick, someone, get me one of our fine craft beers. On second thought, get me two.

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