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Randy Orton comes OUT OF NOWHERE with hilarious cameo in new Eladio Carrión video

Well, the song’s called ‘RKO’, so it wasn’t completely out of nowhere. It is really funny, though.

Eladio Carríon’s Instagram

Swimmer-turned-influencer-turned-rapper Eladio Carrión has some WWE ties. Carrión has collaborated with part-time Superstar Bad Bunny on several songs, and provided the theme to last year’s Backlash premium live event in San Juan...

... but we still didn’t expect to see “RKO” among the song titles on his new album, Sol María.

There was no time to wonder about whether that was actually a Randall Keith Orton reference, because Carrión’s dropped the video for “RKO” on record release day. Sure enough, after the main storyline about Eladio brushing off a strikeout to hit a grand slam and lead his hometown Humacao Grays to victory over the New York Mets wraps up, our guy Randy appears.

It’s a great 90 seconds that starts with Orton (wearing nothing but his wrestling trunks, natch) RKO-ing a paparazzo who interrupts Carrión while he’s reflecting on the mound after the game. The 14 time WWE World champ then “fanboys” about meeting a fellow legend, offering to hook him up with anything he needs as build up to asking for an autograph.

When he’s finally done doing his impersonation of an annoying fan, the Viper delivers a punt to the still laid out photographer while cursing him under his breath.

This should be cued up to Randy’s appearance (at approximately 3:40):

And here’s just the eponymous spot:

Carrión was known for comedy videos in his Instagram days, and Orton obviously knows his way around a skit. It’s funny stuff, and demonstrates that if Randy’s considering movie or TV work after his in-ring career winds down, humorous roles might be a better fit than the action ones he’s taken in the past.

As for Carrión... Bunny’s journey to the ring took off after he dropped “Booker T”, so maybe in the future we’ll see him on a PLE card rather than just hearing him on a soundtrack?

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