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Nic Nemeth delivers debut TNA promo with direction for first feud

Nic Nemeth (aka Dolph Ziggler) shocked the TNA fan base when he appeared at Hard to Kill as the big mystery signing. Nemeth delivered his debut promo with direction for his first feud during Thursday night’s episode of Impact (Jan. 18, 2024).

The Wanted Man entered wearing a black suit and shirt with a purple tie. A new theme song blared on the loudspeakers. Nemeth explained that he was fortunate to rack up accomplishments in professional wrestling over the past 19 years, but that occurred in a one world of the business (WWE). Now, it was time to prove himself all over again. He was feeling intimated, scared, nervous, and excited. Nemeth has his sights set on winning the TNA World Championship.

Nemeth worked his way to the top before, but his journey starts over in TNA. He respects the locker room too much to demand a title shot out of the gate, so Nemeth will earn his way back to the top. And it will be the first time in his life doing it under the name Nic Nemeth.

At Hard to Kill, Nemeth got physical with TNA world champion Moose, but that won’t be his first feud. Another former world champion stepped up to shut Nemeth’s mouth.

Nemeth was interrupted by Steve Maclin.

Maclin agreed with everything Nemeth said. He told himself the same thing when landing in TNA. Maclin worked his way from the bottom to the world title. There was one difference though. Maclin views Nemeth as a phony. He thinks Nemeth’s real plan is to suck the blood out of TNA as a platform to go somewhere else. Maclin won’t let that happen on his watch. He delivered a cold line with reference to Nemeth’s old name. When Maclin is done with him, nobody will remember Nemeth. They’ll only ask what ever happened to Dolph Ziggler.

Maclin wouldn’t let Nemeth speak during his diatribe. Upon conclusion of the speech, Maclin slapped the microphone out of Nemeth’s hand. Nemeth slapped Maclin across the face. Maclin threw a punch, and Nemeth ducked to hit the Zig Zag. That move might have a new name called The Danger Zone. I’m not sure if commentary was dropping that tidbit of knowledge or just being poetic to describe the dangerous situation.

That was solid promo content. I like how Nemeth didn’t do the typical talking point of bashing his former employer. It’s a new chapter in his career, and the focus is on moving forward. Maclin did well to stir the pot as Nemeth’s initial nemesis. They sold me on wanting to see that showdown.

Nemeth starts his journey to the top with his TNA in-ring debut against Zachary Wentz next week on Impact. After that on the timeline, TNA announced that Nemeth will be wrestling Trey Miguel at the TV taping on Friday, January 19 in Orlando, FL.

Share your thoughts on the debut promo from Nic Nemeth in TNA.

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