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John Cena says he’s working on his WWE ‘exit strategy’ and when to ‘close that chapter’

As last year came to an end, John Cena appeared on the “Best of 2023” episode of SmackDown on FOX to acknowledge the uncertainty about how much time he has left in WWE.

Cena elaborates on that message in a new interview with People, where he admits he’s currently working on his exit strategy from WWE:

“I turned 47 this past year and I don’t have much time left in the WWE...I’m trying to figure out when to close that chapter.

I wouldn’t be who I am — professionally or personally — without the WWE, and I promised myself that I would never simply just be there for my own sake. Every time I perform, I want to give my all to the audience. And I’ve got to admit when I hit the 45 mark, I had to begin to try to form an exit strategy and I’m trying to work on that currently.”

Based on John’s math, he’s began working on that exit strategy a couple years ago, which perhaps could explain why he never wins televised singles matches anymore, even against dweebs like Austin Theory.

“I just want to do what’s best for the company. If it’s a big final match or if it’s just a final match, or however I can be integrated into the product to let everyone know that this chapter is over, I’m willing to listen to what WWE has to say.”

All this talk about Cena’s retirement plan and finishing up with WWE is strictly about the in-ring aspect of pro wrestling. Cena embraces the idea of using his knowledge and experience to always be an asset for WWE going forward.

“I do have almost two and a half decades of wisdom built up where I think I can offer a mentor perspective for sure. So, if I am not integrated with the WWE family moving forward and in perpetuity, then I think it’s a waste for everyone involved.”

The last time we saw John in the ring, he was put down by 10+ Samoan spikes from Solo Sikoa at Crown Jewel 2023 in November. It’s not clear when John will be back in WWE just yet, but it sure sounds like his final career match isn’t too far off.

How do you think WWE and John Cena will book his final chapter in the ring, Cagesiders?

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