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Grayson Waller was ready to fight to protect kayfabe on ‘disrespectful’ Aussie morning show

Sunrise’s YouTube

As you may have heard, LA Knight and Grayson Waller are in Australia this week doing promotional work ahead of next month’s Elimination Chamber: Perth premium live event.

That took them to the long-running Sunrise morning show. And as often happens when pro wrestlers go on those kinds of programs to promote, they wanted to have some fun with the “fake” fighters. Knight, the babyface on this press tour, does a good job casually brushing off the request from host Natalie Barr to use his finisher on someone in the studio by saying “if I do that it’s not gonna be a good day for anybody”.

He kicked the request to Waller, who’s playing a heel — but in the process will be a hero to a lot of people in and around the pro wrestling business. When Barr’s co-host Matt Shirvington gets Sunrise’s departing floor manager on-screen to take a move, and the guys started shadow boxing? Grayson had had enough:

“Look — I don’t think you understand. If I come over there right now, we’re gonna have the police here, cause I’m not gonna give you some fake punch. I’m gonna punch you straight in the jaw.

“The actual disrespect that you have even talking to me. You want to talk to me like this ain’t real? Don’t act all tough, lad. Don’t act all tough! ... You want to come here and try to disrespect us? Are you kidding me?”

Barr nervously says she’s not disrespecting anyone while he partner clears the crew member out. But Shirvington still has some jokes about cutting the “trash talk” out, and Grayson still seems willing to give him one of those not fake punches.

It’s made all the more wonderfully weird when they start playing John Cena’s theme music to quickly wrap up the segment. Knight & Waller’s entire visit to Sunrise is here, but here’s the minute of interest...

Somewhere, Rowdy Roddy Piper is smiling.

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