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Winter weather made getting to Raw a nightmare, just ask Johnny Gargano

Most parts of the United States have been hit with some form of winter weather over the past week. Snow, ice, wind... you name it, we’ve had it.

That made getting a roster of wrestlers and an veritable army of production crew to North Little Rock, Arkansas for the Jan. 15 Raw a real challenge. People were stranded at airports or risking questionable road conditions to drive in order to make the show.

A good example of what it took to make this particular in these particular conditions came from Johnny Gargano. He & his traveling companions (wife Candice LeRae and friends/tag partners Indi Hartwell & Tommaso Ciampa) experienced a little bit of everything trying to get to Raw for last night’s show:

The past 24 hours have been a wild ride for our travel crew/family! For the love of the game, baby! #WWERaw


4:40pm - Left Orlando, FL
7:30pm - Arrive Dallas, TX
9:30pm - Supposed to take off to Little Rock, ARK but de-icing terminal is frozen.
10:30pm - Deplane because all flights might be canceled.
11:00pm - Get back on the plane because we’re going to take off!
11:45pm - The crew timed out so now our flight is canceled.


12:00am - Wait in a line to get our plane ticket re-issued while calling various hotels because it’s after midnight and you can’t book them online anymore.
1:15am - Got our tickets for an 8:19am flight Monday morning.
1:45am - Arrive at our Dallas hotel
6:45am - Wake up and find out our flight is delayed until 10am.
7:45am - Get a 30 minute workout in.
9:00am - Go back to Dallas Airport.
10:00am - New flight is now canceled.
10:30am - Drive 5 hours to Little Rock, ARK.
4:15pm - Get to Little Rock, ARK (Simmons Bank Arena)
7:15pm - #DIY gets the win against Dom and JD followed by Candice and indi getting the win against Piper and Chelsea.

Hartwell also shared a TikTok about their ordeal, starting from the hotel in Dallas. In addition to the added visuals, it’s also fun to see an Australian react to a snowy parking lot... and truck stop snacks (if the embed doesn’t show up, you can watch Indi’s video here).



♬ original sound - Legaur Mastah

According to PWInsider, the “fun” isn’t over. With weather still an issue in parts of the country, and the amount of rescheduling going on as other stranded travelers try to get home, a lot of folks who worked Raw are driving to airports outside the Little Rock area hoping to avoid further issues.

Here’s hoping everyone gets to their next destination safely. And thanks for dealing with all this just to entertain us!

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