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Tom and Nick Mysterio now have their own t-shirt at WWE Shop

R-Truth wasn’t lying about making shirts for the Mysterio boys.

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While everyone outside of Damian Priest in Judgment Day has become fed up with the antics of R-Truth and his attempts to join the group, R-Truth has done nothing but speak glowingly of the stable’s members, most notably Tom and Nick Mysterio.

To the average viewer, it appeared that Truth got his names mixed up, confusing Dominik Mysterio for Tom and Nick Mysterio. But according to WWE’s newest merchandise offering, R-Truth was on the button.

From WWE Shop — the company’s official online store — comes this lovely product description:

R-Truth joining The Judgment Day is the gift that keeps on giving. Look no further than this Three Amigos T-Shirt. Even though R-Truth has never met Nick Mysterio, the bonds of brotherhood are splashed all over the comfy Superstar tee. Deliver The Judgment Day’s message of “Live, Laugh, Love” with another awesome addition to your WWE wardrobe.

Despite the fact that R-Truth, Judgment Day, and the entire of WWE Universe have never met or seen Nick Mysterio, he clearly is Tom’s twin, as he resembles a young Dominik Tom. While Nick’s whereabouts are unknown, it’s fair to assume that R-Truth will hold on to Nick’s share of the profits until he gets back. After getting in on Judgment Day’s piece of the merchandising pie, those tuning in to Raw saw Priest confront the lovable veteran, only to back off after he received his cut of the earnings from the honorable Truth.

Meanwhile, JD McDonagh, an actual full-time member of the heel stable, continues to bitch and moan about R-Truth like a broke ass. Maybe if he stopped hating and learned to live, laugh, and love with the former NWA Champion, he might be earning his paper right now.

But haters gonna hate, I guess.

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