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Stone Cold attempts cold plunge, fails (UPDATED)

One of the hot trends in the health & wellness world is the cold plunge, where you submerge yourself in ice cold water for a brief duration to get a whole host of potential benefits, such as decreased inflammation, better immunity, improved circulation, a mood boost, and more. That’s the word, at least.

You know, if you can actually take submerging yourself in ice cold water for long enough to get said potential benefits.

One man who could not do so, ironically enough, is good ol’ Stone Cold Steve Austin, who posted his experience to Instagram for our amusement, and we most definitely are amused by it:

I, for one, greatly appreciation the far more realistic depiction of what a cold plunge is actually like. Social media is littered with tough guys and gals who take the plunge and adopt a cool stoicism like they’re relaxing in a hot tub. It always felt insane to me, and it felt even more insane after my first experience with doing it myself. It is miserable. You cannot convince me otherwise, purported benefits be damned.

I left it with the final words Austin did:

“We’re gonna revisit this motherfucker.”


UPDATE: The rematch was a success!

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