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Dolph Ziggler revealed as TNA mystery signing after Moose wins World Championship

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TNA concluded Hard to Kill (Jan. 13, 2024) with a double bang of huge news. Not only did Moose win the world championship, but Nic Nemeth (aka Dolph Ziggler) made a surprise appearance as TNA’s big mystery signing.

We’ll start out of order, since most of you are probably coming for the Nemeth surprise.

Shortly after Moose pinned Alex Shelley to win the TNA World Championship, Nemeth’s name appeared on the jumbotron. Nemeth was a smart cookie entering from the backside of the ring to avoid Moose’s pals on stage. Nemeth stepped face to face to the new champ. Moose swung a haymaker. Nemeth ducked and delivered a superkick with a Zig Zag. Nemeth scurried from the ring to stand among the fans. He ripped open his shirt to reveal a TNA top. That was Nemeth’s signal that he is officially with TNA. The rowdy crowd erupted in excitement.

Nemeth isn’t wasting any time getting in the TNA ring. He has a match lined up against Zachary Wentz for the TV taping on Sunday, January 14 in Las Vegas.

TNA also rolled out new merch for Nemeth.

On to the other piece of business at hand.

The Hard to Kill main event was contested between Alex Shelley and Moose for the TNA World Championship. Shelley entered with the belt, but it was Moose who exited with the gold.

Earlier in the evening, Moose solidified a new faction known as The System. He was joined by Brian Myers, Eddie Edwards, Alisha Edwards, and former NFL running back DeAngelo Williams.

The story of the bout was Moose’s strength versus Shelley’s smarts. Moose turned it into an ugly fight early by using his surroundings to dish out a beating. Shelley turned the tide by aggressively targeting Moose’s left arm.

When the damage took its toll on Moose, the System arrived on stage ready to help. Chris Sabin and Kushida ran out for fisticuffs to keep it a fair fight. That skirmish didn’t have much effect on the match. Moose tried to take advantage of the distraction, but it didn’t amount to anything significant to the result.

Shelley violently smashed Moose’s shoulder down on the side of the ramp. Moose was basically a one-armed fighter from that point on. Despite the injury, he fought with heart. Shelley would unleash three quick strikes, then Moose would unload one power chop to knock Shelley back. They played into that concept a few times exchanging rounds of blows. Moose surprised Shelley with a headbutt, however, Shelley surprised Moose with a huge lariat.

Shelley set up to close for the Shellshock. Moose escaped, and they did the counter dance. Shelley again had his grips in for the Shellshock, but Moose wiggled free one more time. Moose exploded into the ropes to shoot back for a spear. 1, 2, 3. Moose was victorious.

That title win makes Moose a two-time TNA/Impact world champion, along with his dubious possession of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Share your reaction to Nic Nemeth’s arrival in TNA. Are you excited to see Moose as the new TNA world champion?

For full results to TNA Hard to Kill, click here. The PPV is available for viewing through TNA+, TrillerTV powered by Fite, and various other outlets.

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