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Dana Brooke arrives to TNA with a new name

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Raise your hand if you had Dana Brooke on your bingo card for surprise appearances at TNA Hard to Kill (Jan. 13, 2024). If so, then pat yourself on the back, because Brooke arrived in style. She also has a new name.

TNA teased that you never know who will show up for this event. A blonde stepped out of an automobile dressed to impress. And no, it wasn’t Dolph Ziggler in disguise with a new hairstyle. He made an impact in a different way after the main event as TNA’s mystery signing.

When the Knockouts Championship bout took center stage, the cameras showed Brooke with a front row seat. Commentary introduced her as Ash by Elegance.

Aside from a few reaction shots, that was all from Ash on screen during Hard to Kill. She was just there to provide an elegant taste.

Brooke is a fifteen-time 24/7 champion in WWE. She was released from the company on September 21, 2023.

Are you intrigued by the appearance from Dana Brooke in TNA? What’s your reaction to her new name, Ash by Elegance? How high do you think Ash’s ceiling is in TNA?

For full results to TNA Hard to Kill, click here. The PPV is available for viewing through TNA+, TrillerTV powered by Fite, and various other outlets.

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