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Trinity loses TNA Knockouts Championship amid rumors of return to WWE

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There is a new champion atop the Knockouts division. Jordynne Grace dethroned Trinity to win the TNA Knockouts Championship at Hard to Kill (Jan. 13, 2024).

Grace was on a mission. She wasn’t playing around and displayed her full Juggernaut power with hard slams throughout the match. Grace even took to the air for a battering ram suicide dive. She added a jackhammer suplex on the floor.

Grace also executed a musclebuster, but that wasn’t enough to keep Trinity down for the count.

Trinity glowed in her own way with signature moves, such as a split-legged moonsault. Victory was within Trinity’s grasp when she locked in the Starstruck submission in the center of the ring. Grace would not be denied the gold. She rose to her feet with all her might to maneuver for a German suplex to escape.

Grace pounced for a spinning backfist and a pumphandle driver. 1, 2, 3. New champ!

Grace becomes a three-time Knockouts champion.

Trinity’s reign with the Knockouts Championship ends at 182 days. The timing of this loss is particularly interesting with rumors making the rounds of a return to WWE for Trinity.

Are you excited for Jordynne Grace as Knockouts champion one more time? How do you rate Trinity’s run with the title?

For full results to TNA Hard to Kill, click here. The PPV is available for viewing through TNA+, TrillerTV powered by Fite, and various other outlets.

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