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Cora Jade appears to suffer injury at WWE NXT house show

Several fans in attendance at WWE NXT’s house show in Dade City, Florida last night (Jan. 12) report that Cora Jade suffered an injury in her main event match with Women’s champion Lyra Valkyria.

Jade, who just returned from a four month hiatus at NXT’s Deadline premium live event on Dec. 9, was said to have landed “funny” before an awkward/impromptu finish. She was attended to by trainers in the ring, then helped to the back.

As you can read in that second tweet/post, the work/shoot waters were muddied by the fact Jade — a heel — feigned a similar injury earlier in the match. NXT’s also run some injury angles for television recently that the Performance Center audience initially believed to be real, but there would be little reason to do the same at an untelevised live show.

For her part, Cora tweeted this shortly after word started to spread on social media:

If it is a serious injury, it’s seriously unfortunate timing for the 22 year old. As evidenced by the fact she was working with the champ on the Coconut Loop, NXT seems to be positioning Jade for a title shot.

All the best to Cora, and we’ll keep you posted.

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